About Me

  1. What’s your niche?

    My niche is the craft of the English language itself. This raises the question: why hire me to write your professional rocket science report when the freelancer down the road specialises in the subject?

    I will make your report stand out
    . I will conduct thorough – but quick – research. Then, I will make sure your piece flows like a river, sounds like a symphony and reads like a dream.

    A general writing niche will always be an absolute on this website. I will always be your general writer. If I ever do decide to go into a specific niche, it’ll be via a subsidiary website, which I’ll link to on the home page.

  1. What are your qualifications?
    I have QLS Level 3 Professional Online Writing Certificate, and a C+ GSCE and A Level in English Language & Literature.

  1. Do you have any non accredited certificates?
    2019 Winner of NaNoWriMo!

  1. What writing experience do you have?
    – I wrote a 50,000 word novel in 2019 (I’m currently revising the third draft).
    I have experience writing in the entertainment, travel, senior, healthcare, digital marketing, E-commerce and DIY niches.

  1. Who does your research?
    I do all of my own research! For me, this is very important. I like to know where the information you receive is coming from, I like to be able to cite my sources with accuracy and I like to provide you with up-to-date and reliable information.

  1. How can I connect with you?
    You can contact me on my contact page here, follow my Twitter, or connect with me on LinkedIn!


  1. Why do I have to contact you for pricing?
    I charge by the word, and have a set rate. However, I’d rather you contact me for a quote so we can discuss it. I might even be able to arrange a cheaper price for you depending on your circumstances! I care first about seeing your business grow.

  1. What is your turnaround time?
    My turnaround time can be as quick or as slow as you want. If you don’t specify a deadline, I aim to get a 1000-2000 word article to you on the same week it’s comissioned. 3000+ will take a little longer, as I am sure you understand.

    Please note though, I may adjust my fees if you need a piece written in very short notice. This is because I have to schedule around other clients. I will be happy to work something out with you though, so don’t be afraid to ask.

3. What guarantees do you offer?
– All work I complete will have been run through Copyscape Pro before it reaches your inbox.
5 FREE revisions on any completed piece.
– If you’re not happy with a piece, I will rewrite it entirely for no additional charge.
– After the rewrite, if you’re still not happy a FULL REFUND is offered.*

4. How is payment exchanged?
PayPal! If for any reason you would rather use another service, contact me and we can talk!

5. Does the work I commission go through an editor?
Not normally! I give the work my upmost attention myself. Though if you’d rather the work did go through an editor, it can be arranged. Let me know! Be aware the article price will increase with an editor.

6. Will you use my work as a sample?
That’s entirely up to you! The work is yours. You can upload it with my byline, or you can upload it without it. Either way, I will NEVER use a piece as a sample without your permission and I will NEVER upload it anywhere. I understand doing so can damage your search engine rankings and I respect that.


Should you not be happy with a piece, I will offer to rewrite it. If you’re still not happy after the fact, I will offer you a refund. Should you accept the refund, please know, that you lose all permission to use the work in any way, and I will most likely sample it (you can’t expect me to work for free!)