Hello! Before I get started on talking about myself, I want to thank you for visiting my website. I hope you find the content informative, entertaining and enjoyable.

Who am I?

My name is Sam. I’m a freelance writer from England, currently living in Canada. I’ve always had a passion for writing. I can’t exactly tell you why, but it dates back to my childhood!

In the years since then, I have achieved a good amount. I live in a small (but cosy) apartment with my incredible partner, where I spend most of my time writing. It’s a happy life and she’s incredibly supportive!

My partner motivates me in all of my endeavours, one of which was writing my first novel! I recently finished the first book in an upcoming series which I can’t wait to share more on soon! I’m hoping to push it through to publishing in the next year.

I am filled with ambition!

My goal in life is writing. I want to leave my mark and tell my story! I want to provide you, my lovely readers, with content that brings happiness, excitement, sentimentality! I want to educate you with my personal experiences, entertain you with my hiccups and take you to lands far away from your own!

We all occasional like to escape from reality, right?

As YOUR Freelance Writer what can I offer?

I offer a range of services which include, but aren’t limited to:

– Increasing web traffic through exciting and well devised articles.
– Advertising product through captivating and thoroughly researched press releases.
– Crafting newsletters for subscribers to help spur your marketing campaigns to new heights.

If any of these interest you, or you want to discuss further areas please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Want to know more?

Sam Boyd