Goodbye to an Old Friend – Weekly Blog Post #10

This is hard to write. Today, we’re going away from my writing topic, to honour a close friend of mine. I wanted to talk about my novel going to my line-editors, I wanted to talk about how I spent the time in between – what I did to remain productive until they got back to me. But tragedy struck and at 15-years of age, we lost my best friend.

My cat, Charlie.

On the very same day, I had people come up to me and say, “At least it wasn’t a family member,” or, “It could have been worse.” And I get those people wanted to help. But it spells ignorance. It says to me: You’ve never had a pet before.

Losing a pet is difficult, and it’s okay to be sad.

Charlie had been in my life for 15-years. He was there since I was a child, growing up. I remember when I was 12-years-old, my parents bought this small little tabby kitten home with them. They put him on my bed and fleas crawled all over him! The runt of the litter! He sat next to me, while I played video games. We had a bond straight away!

But we had another cat: Jonsey (God rest his soul).

He was a little older and when he played with Charlie; he was rough! So much so, my parents worried he would injure him. Charlie was only tiny, after all! They decided to take him back to the pet store, to be safe. And how I fought!

I had bonded in an instant and I knew, the moment I laid eyes on Charlie, he was the cat for me.

And I was so right! He had 15 fantastic years in my family and I will never, ever forget him.

He was there through the happy times, and he was there through the sad times, too. He was more than a family member; he was a staple in my life and without him today, a part of me is missing. Without him, every day feels like a struggle.

I know it will get better. I do! But until then, it’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to grieve and struggle with the loss. It’s okay to become a recluse, to hide behind closed doors and want nothing more than to be alone. But I say again:

It will get better.

I’m saying this to myself, as much as I am to you. Surround yourself with loved ones and do the best you can to get through. It’s all you can do, right?

I wasn’t going to post today, but rather than say nothing, I thought I’d just put something small while I cope in this hard time. There’s no call to actions, no writing tips, no insights on the tricks of the trade. Just a post in his dedication.

We’ll get back to the normal stuff next week, but for now:

This one is for you Charlie!


Rest easy, pal.

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