Oceanbeat’s 88-Key Electronic Keyboard

E-Commerce Product Description Sample #1


Is your piano sounding a little out of shape? Does the sound no longer bounce off the walls like it did all those years ago? Fear not. We’ve got you covered!

Introducing Oceanbeat’s new 88-key electronic keyboard! A revolutionary design that both looks and sounds fantastic! Ideal for beginners and intermediate keyboardists alike!

This sensational instrument only exists because of you! Our best minds collaborating together. For real! We asked a selection of our customers what our products were missing and the 88-key electronic keyboard is the result:

  • 88 FULL size-keys that sound and feel like a miracle to play.
  • Powered by 6x 1.5vD batteries or by the mains.
  • A touchscreen LCD display, with over 100 tones to choose from.
  • Light up keys. Connect to our online database and download 1000s of songs, right to your keyboard!
  • Free carrying case with room for all of your songbooks and peripherals.
  • MIDI Input. Connect your keyboard to a computer/phone and use it like a synthesiser!

The Oceanbeat new 88-key electronic keyboard is one of a kind. Buy it now and you’ll find yourself never wanting to buy a piano again!

Daring of us to say, don’t you think? If this is the ultimate instrument what future does Oceanbeat have now?

Our future is in your hands!

We’re always striving to expand the music industry. With this new revolutionary instrument on shelf we’ll be turning to mobile!

Connect any compatible Oceanbeat keyboard to your phone and download our free app! You’ll receive lessons from top instructors that you can play right from your own home!

So what are you waiting for?! Be fearless!

Order your 88-key electronic keyboard now and we’ll also throw in our song book worth $49.99 free of charge!

We’re not kidding! This offer is one you won’t see again and it’s an amazing one at that!

Click here to buy now!

**This is a fictional company/product used for sample purposes** – Sam.

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