5 Ways YOU Can Prevent Animal Cruelty

Adorable, don’t you think? The very symbol of innocence and youth!

What if I told you not everyone sees that beauty?

You and I would never harm our furry friend, however, in the UK and Wales alone the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) picks up a phone call on their 24-hour cruelty line every 30-seconds. Can you imagine that?

The RSPCA only have a team of 500.

500 looking to encourage decency in human-beings.

500 protecting against the United Kingdom’s population of 67 million.

It’s a losing battle and as sad as it is, against so many, there will always be sick thugs, hooligans and criminals looking to counteract their work.

Meet Neve.

A two-year-old cat who was found wounded in the Crookston area of Scotland. According to BBC News (South Scotland), police believe she was injured after a shotgun or similar firearm was used against her. She survived the incident, but she now faces a life-time of long-term health issues. It begs the question:

Who Did It and What Was Their Punishment?

We don’t know. The culprits are still out there.

Currently the Scottish Police are appealing for information on their 101 Non-Emergency number. If you’re from the Crookston area and know something: contact them, because we all hope and pray Neve gets the justice she deserves.

In the meantime, I ask the question (and I’m sure you’re wondering), what can YOU do to prevent animal cruelty?

So, here are 5 VERY important steps YOU can take!

  1. Raise Awareness
    A lot of people may not know just how bad the animal cruelty situation is, but you can do your part by talking about it. Tell Neve’s story and recount these five steps. Talk to your friends, family, neighbours and remember:

The more people that know the signs of animal cruelty, the more there are looking out for it.

  1. Donate
    The RSPCA accept online donations. In fact, they wouldn’t exist without them. What’s more, on their website you can see exactly where your money goes. So, check it out (Donate) and get involved!

As little as £1 can help fund vital work.

  1. Report
    Confrontation can be scary, so if you see someone being cruel to an animal it may be dangerous to challenge them. However, that doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Don’t hesitate to ring your local animal welfare to tell them exactly what you witnessed.

Even if you only suspect something is afoot, report it. You can’t get into trouble for being cautious and could save an animal’s life.

  1. Sign Petitions
    You may not have been involved in an incident directly, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. Try typing into Google, “Animal Cruelty Petition.” I did and over 7,000,000 results appeared. In just five minutes, your name could be going down to help a good cause. You can also start a petition too if you think there’s an injustice in your area.

Your signature can go a long way, so why not use it?

  1. Adopt from Animal Shelters.
    There is nothing better than having a furry companion in life and a lot of the time, animal shelters across the world will be looking to rehome a pet that’s been neglected. You can give them a good-life and prevent any further cruelty.

Every animal in a good household is one less animal in a cruel one.

 Remember, even if an animal has been abused, it doesn’t mean they can’t have a good life once rehomed.

You can make the difference.

So, take the leap and make it. With these five simple steps, you will have made the world a better place for animals. Get involved and keep our furry friend’s happy, warm and comfortable, just as they do with us every single day.

We may never stop animal cruelty in its entirety, but we can certainly make it much more difficult to get away with. Let’s get justice for young Neve and prevent horrible and sick incidents like it from happening again.


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