I’m Starting A Blog!

As many of you know, this website is primarily my portfolio and there isn’t much reason to revisit! So, I want to start posting on a weekly basis! Perhaps on Saturday’s, maybe on Sunday’s, talking about… Well anything!

These pieces won’t be featured on my home-page, they won’t be professionaly crafted and they won’t be vigorously proof-read. Why? Because I want them to feel real! A public diary, of sorts. So sit back, grab that cuppa and prepare to dive in! I hope this read and any future ones will help you get to know me and chill out for a while, even from a distance!

Let’s Talk Writing!

This is a writing website, so what better subject is there to start with on my first post? I am writing a fantasy novel! Could I get any more cliché? I can’t go into too many details about it, if you want to take the traditionally publishing route — it’s a no, no. I really want to talk about it. Like, really want to. But, publishing agents and publishers themselves, they want to sell a product, right?

Imagine if they go to advertise this new top-of-the-line fantasy series, but every detail about it is already scattered all over the web? To them, that won’t sell! So they’ll just shelve the book and move on to the next person!

I even wanted to write short-stories set in the universe I created. I thought, if I can’t write about my novel why not write new stories and set it in the world of my novel? I could self-publish those, have them ready pretty quick, and you guys would have some entertainment!


What if I write a bunch of short stories and they’re poorly recieved? What if I write a bunch of short stories and nobody is interested? Publishers and agents will look at that — bam! They’ll move on to the next person!

Traditional publishing is a dog eat dog world. So I have to endure keeping my lips sealed for the time being (but I promise you, it will be worth it!)

So if it’s such a mountain to clumb…

Why am I traditionally publishing instead of self-publishing?

I’m not against self-publishing. I’m really not. But, I’ve grown up in a world of tradiationalists and so, for me to feel fulfilled I want to have a novel out there with an agent backing it. Also, if I can’t get my novel traditionally published, I could always just self-publish it anyway. Very rarely does that work the other way round. Either way, my novel will get out there soon!

Also something, movie deals, best-selling lists, big cash…

What?! Did someone say something *ahem*. Nothing amiss here.

I do think I will self-publish in my time, but for this particular series, I want to publish the old-fashioned way!

One thing I have learned is that writing is hard!

Of course it is, if it wasn’t everybody would be doing it! Whether it be freelance or novel writing, it isn’t easy. It takes a long time. Remember my NaNoWriMo series? It’s funny — when I did that, I told myself my novel would be published a few months after that. But, I am still working on my second draft! Can you believe that? Almost a year later. And as I work my way through it, I realise, my first draft was terrible! I looked this up online and guess what? Apparently that’s pretty natural! Most first drafts are awful! I cringe at my own writing as I go through it, but it’s fun!

It’s also exhausting.

Writers block hasn’t ever truly been an issue for me, but I suffer from the fact that if I write more my writing drops in quality. I always come back and improve it, of course I do, but when I’m working my way through my novel I have it in my mind that I want to put an hour in, two hours, three…Yet is there any point working for that long if what your writing is just bad? I’m not sure if it is.

Some of my friends disagree, they think I should force myself to do 8 hours a day, yet that risks making my work into a chore and I never want this to be a chore.

Even if I am deep in a technical documents that’s more boring than waiting in line for a prescription, I never want this to be a chore.

And there we have it!

My first blog post, it’s short, it’s sweet and it’s a mess! But that’s exactly what I want this to be. No crafted pieces, no long writing sessions. Just an hour of me talking about wherever my fingers on the keyboard take me.

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Or contact me! Get chatting — is there anything in particular you want me to talk about? Whether it be in regards to writing, my move to Canada….

I am all ears!

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