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Now, who am I?

I’m Sam! I’m a freelance writer, content creator, and SEO expert.

I love writing so much, that in my spare time, I’m tirelessly working on a FREE online freelance writing course — for you!

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Here for Business?

That’s great! This website isn’t just about learning to write (though I hope you can pick up a few tips on the freelance writing course while you’re here).

If you want quality content from me — a copywriting expert — on your own website or blog, why not hire my services today?

Check out my introduction video below for a quick rundown of what I offer:

In short, as a professional freelance writer, I offer a range of services which include, but aren’t limited to:

– Increasing web traffic through exciting and well devised articles.

– Advertising product through captivating and thoroughly researched press releases.

– Crafting newsletters for subscribers to help spur your marketing campaigns to new heights.

– A legendary freelance writing course, completely free! (still in development)

Don’t just take my word for it:

I have used Sam Boyd Writing on a few occasions now, and I can thoroughly recommend his services. Sam has excellent research skills, works fast and delivers on time, and is able to tackle any subject that I have presented him with. Sam is keen to do his best for your business and is friendly, professional and a pleasure to work with. Do yourself and your business/project a favour and hire Sam today – you will not regret it.

Tom Simpson

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I write bi-weekly staple posts, all about the craft of writing. I may do an occasional pillar post here and there, too!

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Quite simply because, I’ll also drop an occasional short-form update here and there — anytime of the week!

Everytime I learn something new, I want to share it with you, my dear readers. And I hope you’ll share your own tips and tricks with me, too.

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